Joy Division gets a lifeline from MacDev


One of the most iconic paintball teams in the world, Joy Division (Stockholm) have signed a deal with MacDev, effectively saving them from dropping out of the CPL.

Bourke Grundy (MacDev Australia) says:
Stockholm Joy Division are iconic, its a combination of their distinctive leopard style and matching aggressive and flamboyant play. All of us here at MacDev are proud and excited to be directly involved in propping up this team, a team which if lost, would diminish paintball globally.

Here few words from Joy Divison Pro Player Karl Samuelsson :
After a fantastic season last year as Scorpions Milano, we are now even more eager to start another one with MacDev.
Joy division gets reborn this year and we are very pleased to have MacDev as our sponsor.
With us this year we also got Rise who will help us look even better on the field.
Without the massive support of MacDev and Rise Custom we were not able to play Cpl this year.

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