MacDev Prime marker announcement

MacDev are pleased to announce the up and coming release of a new high end spool valve paintball marker.

The new MacDev Prime has been in development for 18 months, the longest period of any marker since the hugely successful 2008 Droid marker. During this time MacDev designers and engineers have completely reworked every aspect of the current marker offerings, to deliver a completely fresh design for MacDev customers.

Aspects of the new Prime design have been field tested thoroughly, using a comprehensive testing regime encompassing pro teams, technicians and rec players. Field testing began as early as 2016 on some critical components, making the new Prime the most heavily field tested MacDev marker ever made.

Will it really be new?

Technically speaking, the Prime has a new spool based Drivetrain, brand new electronic hardware and software, new solenoid valve, new ASA, new rubber and ergonomics, new trigger assembly, new milling and feed arrangement. The end result of all these changes is a marker which is more comfortable, more reliable, softer on paint, with a fresh new look to go with it.

More details will be available as the release date approaches, and pre-orders will be accepted.

What about the Clone 5s?

The Clone 5 platform was used to test some key aspects of the Prime. Some of these key parts from the Prime will become available for Clone 5 owners as upgrades. An upgraded version of the Clone 5 is expected to be released at the same time as or close to the time of the Prime.

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