MacDev shares USA plans for 2017

Manufacturer of high end paintball products MACDEV has recently shared their plans for 2017. According to MACDEV CEO Dianne King, the New Year will be see the company consolidating and expanding its representation across the USA.

“MACDEV USA California will be restored as the main warehouse and maintenance hub. In addition, there are two sales and repair satellite areas in the Mid East and South East of the country. This strategy has been developed in response to market demand and will enhance the communication between us and our customers.”

“We will reinforce our presence in the US market by attending both the SPL and NXL events with techs and a senior MACDEV representative overseeing the transition period.”

“We value and listen to our customers and are determined to show them our commitment to the sport.”

To correspond with these new changes MACDEV has launched a new website making customer and dealer orders easier than ever before.

Dealer and team sponsorship enquiries are now being looked after exclusively by MACDEV. For information please contact the company through the region representative on the new site or simply email

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