Prime XTS Software Rollback


It is recommended that all tournament players using the Prime XTS roll their software back to V1.16, the previous stable software version. This will ensure that tournament players are 100% tournament legal at all global events.

How do I do it?

You need a windows PC and a Mini USB cable. There is an information page here:
Prime software update instructions

Help, can MacDev change my software for me?

Of course, MacDev techs will be available to program any boards at events we are attending. NXL events are covered in the USA and Europe, if you are unusure about local events, please contact MacDev tech support.

Why is MacDev rolling the software back?

The Prime XTS has been shipping with V1.17 Militiasoft since late december. Customer feedback has helped us to identify a rate of fire (ROF) bug that has been introduced, which was not present in V1.16.

How do I know which version I have?

Enter program mode (trigger in power on) and navigate to the info page, it will show a shot counter and your software version.

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