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The Clone 5 gold bolt has been designed to improve the operation of your Clone 5 marker, giving it a better shot to shot consistency, changing the sound signature in the gun, and reducing shot kick.

Valve firing o-ring guidance
The bolt is longer, enabling the valve firing o-ring to be controlled during the entire shot. The guiding surface of the valve o-ring has been tapered to allow a low friction guidance section for the valve o-ring. This results in improved shot to shot consistency, as well as the reduction of noises during the firing cycled associated with the decoupling of the valve o-ring.

Firing valve flow slots
The flow slots have allowed for close control of the firing air flow, and a re-timing of the marker slightly. An internal relief of the flow slots allows for smooth valve operation. This design is mostly responsible for adjusting the sound signature of the Clone 5 with gold bolt installed.

Switch o-ring optimisation
Careful consideration has been placed on the correct o-ring compression for the very important #16 bolt switch o-ring. With the new geometries involved with the gold bolt, this o-ring has been adjusted to increase the seal effectiveness and longevity, keeping the marker operating at its peak for longer.

Bumper optimisation
The bumper housing geometry has been adjusted for the use of the #14 bumper, giving a softer forward bump, which lasts much longer than the standard bolt bumper.

Included spares
– spare bolt tip (these should be changed sometimes, similar to your detent system, particularly if softened by petroleum greases or poor quality paint)
– #19 inner keg o-ring
– #16 switch o-ring
– #14 bumper

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