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Welcome to DMT, a company founded by passionate paintball players with a vision to create exceptional custom paintball markers and establish a distinctive brand. Our mission is to offer the highest quality milled custom markers at affordable prices, surpassing any other label in the market. We are committed to reinvesting in the paintball community by supporting factory teams in both the NXL EU and NXL US leagues. We proudly collaborate with MacDev, a brand we have long admired. Their GT2 platform, in our view, represents the pinnacle of paintball marker technology with its unique shot signature and unmatched accuracy. We are confident that anyone who uses these markers will share our enthusiasm. The name DMT was chosen serendipitously, symbolizing the extraordinary nature of our products. We are certain that once you experience our markers, you’ll agree that they are truly out of this world.

The GT drive remains one of the most revolutionary spool style drives ever made. The drive was designed and built during the height of the paintball arms race, this explains the smooth and effortless power it possesses. The drive uses a revolutionary independent shutoff valve and tip of bolt firing valve, all leading to a very smooth, quiet, accurate shot.

The new GT2 features:
– A re-imagined classic GT drive
– GT inspired bodywork
– GT inspired solid Aluminium front grip
– Rechargeable battery system
– Tool-less eye covers
– Lever ASA
– Thumb adjust feed system
– Shift 3 insert barrel system with two inserts
– High resolution OLED display

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