Militia Lube (small tube – 10mL – 1/3oz)


Small tube of Militia Lube, select this if you would like to try out the grease, or need a tiny tube for emergencies.

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MacDev Militia Lube has been scientifically formulated for use in paintball guns. Our chemical engineers have developed this grease to provide a boost in performance over conventional lubricants, as well as longer lasting lubrication. Apply MacDev Militia Lube, and you know your gun will perform better, for longer.

NOTE: This is a tiny tube. It is designed to give you an emergency or sample quantity of lube – enough to grease your gun a couple of times, or to carry easily. If you want to use the lube all the time, it is much better to select the 30mL tube, which lasts a standard user about 4-6 months. Of course your lube usage depends on you, and also the nature of the gun you are using.

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